Water Taps

Water taps and accessories – symbols used

RAVAK provides a five-year warranty for all tap cartridges.
Tap gauge: 100 mm.
Tap gauge: 150 mm.
SoftRain technology allows the shower to be automatically aerated, therefore reducing water consumption. In addition, an aerated water stream increases the feeling of having a relaxing bath.
Function to easily clean the shower nozzles. Limescale can be easily wiped off the nozzle surface by hand.
EasyTwist prevents the hose from over-twisting by letting the shower head rotate freely.
Clean the taps using RAVAK Cleaner Chrome or other non-aggressive products that do not damage the surface of chromium layer.
Also suitable for continuous flow water heaters.
Easy way of scale removal.
Each cartridge is tested for more than 700,000 movements - 5-year warranty for comfortable use for over 30 years.
The Chrome water taps and bathroom extras are covered by a 5-year warranty.
Spout rotation without limits.
Should there be a fault in the cold water inlet, it immediately minimises the hot water inlet.