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Furniture, Washbasins and WC

Ceramic washbasins Yard

Washing your hands can be like visiting an art gallery

A yard is an enclosed space that belongs to me: a place where I want to have my things in order with enough room left to play in.

Umyvadla Yard


The Yard collection of five ceramic washbasins features little “yards” – recessed storage areas in the back. This allows the wall-mounted washbasins to offer the same comfort as table-top washbasins in the form of ample storage space. They also naturally stand out as charismatic solitary pieces.

Umyvadla Yard

A levitating design

The designers Vrtiška & Žák have crafted a perfectly minimalist washbasin with a storage area recessed under its edge and a fixing bracket elevated to an original designer piece.
The washbasin needs no furniture; it is placed on the bracket, which visually enhances the lightness of the whole installation.

Umyvadla Yard

Everything at hand, but not in plain sight

The hidden storage surface behind the washbasin’s elegant body provides ample room for all your everyday needs.
Brushes, dispensers and other small items thus vanish from view, leaving the aesthetic impression of the bathroom undisturbed. In addition, items will never fall into the washbasin.

Umyvadla Yard

Tuned to match

The Yard collection harmoniously blends round and straight shapes together.
This makes it possible to sensitively combine the washbasin with almost any style and to be sure that the Yard will match the rest of your bathroom.

Umyvadla Yard

Choose your shape, size and colour

Do you need a straight or a corner version? Pick from different shapes and sizes.

You can also choose from brackets in white, black or stainless steel. The bracket, faucet, waste trap and waste are all designed to create a beautiful and elegant look.