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Classic Washbasins

Simple Classic

Wash basins of the Classic series are designed in a classical shape matching every modern bathroom. The wide range of dimensions is unified by uncomplicated shapes and perfectly straight edges of the lay-by surfaces.

Classic Washbasins

Dimensions for Every Bathroom

The dimensions of the Classic wash basins are adapted to form the basis of any bathroom. And so their dimensions range from small wash bowls ideal especially for WCs, to three standard dimensions to double wash basin designed for households with larger numbers of bathroom users.

Classic Washbasins

Lay-By Surfaces

If you need a wash basin with generous lay-by space you will certainly choose one from the Classic series. The model Classic 80 is adapted specially for these purposes and in addition to a pleasantly shaped washing space provides a clean-edged, flat and spacious lay-by surface.

Classic Washbasins

Sophisticated Shapes

External shapes of Classic wash basins will appeal to every lover of designs where beauty is in simplicity. The clearly framed rectangle will match the style of any bathroom and the pleasantly rounded shape of the inside washing space will pleasantly embrace you when you wash.