Water Taps

Washbasin standing water tap

Washbasin standing water tap, 333 mm, without waste

TD F 015.00
Pleasantly leans towards your hand and the increased height provides exceptional comfort during washing. The flexible aerator can be adjusted so that the water stream is aimed directly towards the drain without needlessly splashing water around. Water taps with increased height are also a perfect fit for large washbasins and table-top washbasins. New lever design with a smooth surface.

Series For washbasins

The 10° washbasin lever taps characterized by a slight tilt toward the hand, available with or without the waste. For each option, we offer two different heights, 14 cm or 17 cm. Choose the right one for you. The Comfort, designed for larger and deeper basins and wherever you want, for example, fill higher containers with water. The Standard, used for shallower basins without any special requirements for the height between the spout and the bottom. Moreover, an adjustable aerator built into all the 10° washbasin taps will ensure that the water will always be directed exactly where you need it.

The 10° taps are best suited for the bathroom concept called 10°, enhancing the uniting idea of tilt or rotation of all elements by 10° (bathtub, washbasin, bathroom furniture).

Technical details

  • Water tap height: 333 mm
  • ExtraComfort Zone – extended height
  • Cartridge (diameter, material): 35 mm, ceramic
  • Connecting tubes: 400 mm
  • Waste: Without waste
  • Tap warranty: 5 years
  • Suitable: For both classic and table-top washbasins

The ExtraComfort Zone tap is suitable for a table-top washbasin thanks to its increased height. To create a complete bathroom solution with a uniform design, we recommend combining the 10° Free water taps with the other products from the 10° concept and other RAVAK extras. We recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner for cleaning external surfaces.

5-year WarrantyConceptsRavak Cleaner ChromeFlexiFlowEasyClean (Aerator)SoftMoveEcoFlow
Washbasin standing water tap

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070130 TD F 015.00 high washbasin mixer without pop up waste