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Rosa Washbasin

Rosa washbasin

A safe bet. This smallest washbasin in the Rosa series fits anywhere and always serves perfectly. It has a pleasant storage area and a practical tower rail.

Series Rosa

Bet on Certainty

Wash basins of the Rosa series represent a stylish response to the RAVAK bathtubs of the same brand name, which are most successful with our customers. The round shapes of the wash basin are pleasant and provide sufficient lay-by space. Rosa is a bearing concept for any bathroom, and its wash basins are made for all sorts of space types. They will fit a corner or the middle of a wall and thanks to the sophisticated series of wash basin cabinets will make an ideal refuge for all your bathroom necessities.

Rosa Washbasins

Complex Offer

Rosa wash basins are offered in several dimensional variants with different installation options - separate or with a wash-basin cabinet.

Rosa Washbasins

Both Left and Right Variant

The Rosa bathroom concept and thus also these wash basins are based on the principle of asymmetry. The core of the concept is represented by the smart asymmetrical bathtub to which the wash basins respond with their shape. To achieve maximum harmony of functions the wash basins, like the bathtubs, are available in left and right variants. You can choose according to your bathroom arrangement.

Rosa Washbasins

Abundant Lay-By Space

The Rosa wash basins are designed to offer a pleasantly large washing space as well as lay-by surfaces. Thus you can place what you need on them and hide the rest in the cabinet in harmonised design.

Technical details

  • Dimensions (W x H): 56.6 x 46.6 cm
  • Material: Composite – cast mixture of dolomite and resin
  • Type: Left-handed and right-handed (L/R)
  • Overflow drain: Yes
  • Hole for a pillar tap: 35 mm
  • Under-basin cabinet: Yes
  • Accessories: Waste plugs, waste traps, taps, cabinet, towel rail

To achieve a compact bathroom design, we recommend combining the washbasin with other products from the Rosa concept (SDU Rosa under-basin cabinet, Rosa pillar tap, M560 mirror and other RAVAK bathroom furniture and accessories). The washbasin can be supplemented with an under-basin cabinet or mounted on the wall. A mounting set (plugs, screws, etc.) and an overflow cap are included.

Rosa Washbasin

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XJ2L1100000 566 x 466 Wash basin Rosa L white with holes
XJ2P1100000 Wash basin Rosa R white with holes