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Washbasin built-in water tap Chrome

Washbasin built-in water tap

CR 019.00CR.O1 / CR 019.20BL.O1
Washbasin lever tap for built-in installation. Leaves more space on the basin which thus becomes easier to maintain. The balanced modern design of the Chrome taps ideally matches the style of the entire concept of the same name, yet looks great in any modern bathroom.
Will you opt for a traditional faucet in chrome or do you prefer the modern trend of black?

Series Chrome

A timelessness to brighten up the day

The beauty of glossy or black metal and the soothing sound of water. That’s the Chrome faucet. The geometry of the oval and flat surface, delivered by the successful Nosal Design studio. Chrome is a minimalist game of contrasts that will keep you coming back. The faucets are part of a concept so sophisticated and complex that it has received a nomination for the Czech Grand Design award. Their shapes make them suitable for any bathroom.

Chrome Mixer Taps

Complex Portfolio

The portfolio includes not only wash basin faucets but also bidet, bathtub, shower and kitchen sink taps as well as under-plaster taps for the R-box installation body.

Chrome Mixer Taps


An authorial design not to be found anywhere else for the Chrome taps by the successful Nosal Design studio, a nominee for the Czech Grand Design for its bathroom concept including water taps. Technical uniqueness of the taps is striking for example in the case of the Chrome bathtub models offering a tiltable arm. When not in use the tap looks like a compact jewel decoration while when you tilt the arm you can easily fill the tub with water.

Chrome Mixer Taps

Harmonised Accessories

Chrome water taps come with a broad selection of accessories, where perfectly harmonised design represents added value to quality.

Technical details

  • Lever water tap for built-in installation using an R-box for wall-mounting
  • Outlet arm length: 230 mm
  • Cartridge (diameter, material): 35 mm, ceramic
  • Color variation:
    • CR: chrome 
    • BL: black
  • R-box part of the package
  • Tap warranty: Five years
  • Suitable: for washbasins under tables

To create a complete bathroom solution with a uniform design, we recommend combining the Chrome water taps with the other products from the Chrome concept and other RAVAK extras. We recommend using the RAVAK Chrome Cleaner for cleaning external surfaces.The basic R-box unit for built-in installation of this water tap is included with the tap. The R-box contains wall fixings; it does not include connections for water pipes or any other plumbing materials. The R-box contains a working plastic cover for the internal body of the installed water tap. Even after removing the top, exposed part of the tap, the water supply can remain fully functional in the rest of the bathroom. The water distribution can be guided through this plastic part without turning off the water mains. The R-box has an arrow to mark the upper part of the product for the correct alignment of the tap body.

5-year WarrantyConceptsRavak Cleaner ChromeFlexiFlowEasyClean (Aerator)SoftMove
Washbasin built-in water tap Chrome

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070093 CR 019.00CR.O1 Washbasin concealed, chrome
X070430 CR 019.20BL.O1 Washbasin concealed, black