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Walk-In Air Shower Enclosures

Fixed wall, side entrance

Plenty of space for your freedom

Brighten up your bathroom with a modern and simple shower enclosure. It is stylish, practical, and it comes at an affordable price. Doorless wheelchair access for absolute freedom in your daily rituals.

Sprchové kúty Walk-In Air

As much space as you need

An adjustable strut to ensure that you can modify the shower enclosure width to your liking. There will be nothing in the shower to limit your fantasy. You can even dance.

Sprchové kúty Walk-In Air

Choose the colour

You can choose from two colourways – glossy chrome and modern black.

Sprchové kúty Walk-In Air

Classical and modern

You can install the shower enclosure on a shower tray or choose a modern floor-mounted option, regardless of whether your bathroom is provided with tiles or another surface.