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Vita RimOff Toilet

Vita RimOff Toilet

The Vita RimOff toilet brings practical hygiene benefits, but also stands out with its modern and elegant design that suits any bathroom or toilet perfectly.

With its clean, simple shape, the Vita RimOff toilet becomes a stylish element in any interior. The sleek lines of this toilet will give your bathroom a sophisticated and modern look. The toilet integrates perfectly into the space without being distracting.

The bowl rinsing technology without the classic rim brings practical advantages in terms of maintenance and hygiene.


The clean solution of Chrome WC consists in a simple style without redundant disturbing details and in a tested and effective flush system for the bowl. Thanks to wall mounting the Chrome WC facilitates cleaning of the toilet or bathroom floor. The assembly points on the WC bowl are hidden in order not to disturb its clean and homogeneous appearance. The suspended Chrome WC is equipped with a matching WC seat with the SoftClose practical slow-down system for putting the seat down.

Bathroom Concept Extended to Perfection
The design of Chrome WC is linked to the broad bathroom concept allowing for keeping the same style in bathrooms combined with a toilet. The design is at the same time so modern and universal that it can be successfully applied in any contemporary bathroom.

No Visible Bolts, No Inaccessible Corners
The overall clean design is not disturbed, cleaning is facilitated and inaccessible places are minimised on the outside of the toilet bowl where dirt accumulates over time.

All for Simple Maintenance
The suspended toilet bowl system facilitates floor cleaning in the WC or bathroom and the tested system of the bowl flushing through a collar with openings will distribute the flush water wherever it is needed. Thus the bowl will remain clean, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Technical details

  • dimensions (w/d/h): 360 x 530 x 350 mm
  • materials: ceramic unibody, glaze without the need for additional surface treatments
  • RimOff – bowl rinsing technology without the classic rim
  • EasyFix – hidden attachment system
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • accessories available for purchase: Vita slim toilet seat or installation flush modules and control buttons

RimOff – bowl rinsing technology without the classic rim
The Vita RimOff toilet offers you a clearly arranged and hygienic space. A bowl without a rinse rim has nowhere for dirt to settle. With its sophisticated internal design shape, a perfect rinse is guaranteed. It is the ideal solution for those who place great importance on perfect cleanliness, hygiene and easy maintenance. The toilet is designed to bring you maximum comfort and peace of mind, knowing that it is always perfectly clean.

EasyFix - hidden attachment system
We have replaced the traditional methods for attaching a toilet, using visible mounting elements, with the innovative EasyFix hidden mounting system, where the toilet is attached from above through the seat holes. One of its main advantages is aesthetics, as visible screws or mounting elements will no longer disturb the overall look of your toilet.
There are no hard-to-reach areas on the outside of the toilet bowl either, minimising the possibility of the build-up of dirt and bacteria. The wall-hanging system of the toilet bowl makes it easy to clean the floor beneath it.

We recommend buying the toilet installation flush module, control button and seat equipped with the SoftClose system – the Vita slim toilet seat. The seat can easily be removed from the toilet and the space underneath can be cleaned perfectly.

RAVAK recommends:

  • consult your plumber (supplier) regarding suitable combinations of toilet cistern (installation module) and hanging RimOff-type toilet
  • an incorrect combination may affect the flushing dynamics, potentially leading to overfilling the toilet bowl
  • we recommend using toilets with RimOff technology in combination with a RAVAK module or with modules where the flushing amount is adjusted to 4.5 l of water
10-year warranty
Vita RimOff Toilet

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X01860 WC Vita RimOff white
X01861 Toilet seat Vita slim white