Structure and Door Opening

In terms of product properties, product appearance and function, our shower enclosures can be divided into several categories: fully-framed structures, semi-framed structures and frameless structures. Each product is specific in terms of appearance, function and price. The main requirement of customers buying shower enclosures is watertightness. Framed design is always more watertight than other types of design. Therefore, a sliding door will always be preferable because no water can drip onto the ground outside the shower enclosure while opening or closing it. To guarantee that the product is truly watertight, the manufacturer‘s installation instructions must be duly followed. To ensure optimum functionality, it is also necessary to use products of only one brand. Hence when installing a RAVAK shower enclosure, we recommend using a RAVAK shower tray as well, since these have been developed and tested to comply with all other RAVAK products.

Fully-framed structure – Supernova range
Glass panels are set into a circumferential aluminium structure with high-quality surface finish. Shower enclosures are also reinforced with vertical profiles, which increase their resistance to careless treatment.


Semi-framed structure – Blix, Pivot and Elegance range
It is a lightweight structure – it has no vertical inner profiles.


Frameless structure – SmartLine, Brilliant and Whitewater range
Shower enclosures with frameless structure are composed only of safety glass panels and hinges, which are the enclosures attached to the wall with. Movable door glass panels are at least 6 mm thick and fixed glass panels are even 8 mm thick to meet strict safety requirements. Hinges and covers are all-brass to be able to reliably hold heavy safety glass panels of a shower enclosure and withstand frequent use.


For surface finishes RAVAK uses epoxy-polyester coating, which is the most expensive powder coating available and proven to provide the best properties: the coatings are elastic, resistant to chemicals, colourfast and non-aging.

You can choose from a number of options for opening shower doors according to your liking.

  • Sliding (Supernova, Blix)

    Sliding shower door allows water to run off freely into the shower tray/drain area, without water leaking outside of the enclosure. The AntiBlock system provides quiet and reliable operation of the above mentioned shower enclosures.

  • Folding and sliding (Supernova)

    Folding door provides a large entrance width while maintaining a small dimension of the construction opening. The smallest version (SDZ2) has a construction opening width of 67-71 cm and an entrance width of 50 cm. The inward folding method prevents water from running off outside the shower enclosure.

  • Turning pivoted (Supernova)

    This is a simple door-opening system that requires no maintenance. The hinge is made out of high-quality maintenance-free plastic.

  • Turning pivoted (Pivot)

    A simple and unbreakable door-opening system requiring absolutely no maintenance. The custom hinge is made out of high-quality stainless steel embedded into the body of the hinge.

  • Outward opening (Pivot, SmartLine , Brilliant, Elegance)

    Easy entry, inspiring design. These products are bound to be the centrepiece of your bathroom.

  • Inward and outward opening (Elegance)

    A proud classic design offering an extremely wide entry with inward and outward door opening. You can air out the shower enclosure after use without dripping any water on the bathroom floor - available with several products of the Elegance range.


Fixing and corner connecting profile cannot be purchased as accessories, but are included with the product to which they are needed. They save you money otherwise needed for a non-standard product and solve every space.

Fixing profile
is used for mounting the shower enclosure or the door onto the wall.


Corner profile
is used for mounting the shower enclosure or the door onto the fixed wall (PSS, APSS or APSV). This profile is included in every fixed shower or bathtub wall package.


Connecting profile
is a non-standard connecting T/AT profile intended for attaching several shower enclosures or doors in a row divided by the fixed walls, together. Products combined like this can be used, for example, in public shower areas. It needs to be purchased separately.


Extension profile
makes it possible to extend the shower enclosure or the door (NPS, ANPS, BLNPS, PNPS). It needs to be purchased separately.
Supernova, Blix, Pivot