Solutions for Smaller Bathrooms

Though every bathroom needs necessary equipment, enough space must remain so that you can safely get out of the bathtub, comfortably dry yourself after showering or brush your teeth over the washbasin without hitting yourself against a cabinet or washing machine. To obtain sufficient space it is necessary to respect the general principles of layout and comply with the minimum distance between furnishings, distance from walls and through lanes.

Choose a shower enclosure if you prefer showering to bathing. Choose the bathroom that best suits your needs according to your wishes and the size of your bathroom. We offer shower enclosures of various sizes and shapes. However, if you prefer to bath, believe that even in smaller bathrooms you can have everything you need, thanks to the space-saving solutions offered by RAVAK Concepts. Most bathtubs can be fitted with screens or doors for a safe and comfortable shower without splashing in the bathroom.

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