Water Taps

Slim bathroom shelves

Luxurious and multipurpose

The Slim wall shelves are a stylish accessory for modern bathrooms. The black and satin shelves feature distinctive chrome front panels. This allows you to match your bathroom perfectly with taps and other bathroom accessories. Straight and corner shelves are suitable for creating storage space in showers, above baths, next to washbasins, etc.

Koupelnové poličky Slim

Professional production process

Made of premium-quality metals. The flat surface of the shelf is perforated so that water does not remain on the surface, but it still provides stability for the objects that are stored.

Koupelnové poličky Slim


By mounting multiple pieces you can create an impressive set-up with extra storage space for everything needed in your bathroom.

Koupelnové poličky Slim

Practical hooks

The straight shelf has a practical hook cut out on both sides, for hanging a washcloth on. Another hook is attached from the middle of the shelf to hold even heavier items such as hairdryers. There are three bottom hooks attached to the corner shelf.