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Side Panel 75

Side Panel 75

Your Formy 01, Formy 01 Slim, Campanula II, 10°, 10° Slim, Chrome and Chrome Slim  bath does not have to be skirted with brickwork or ceramics. All you need it to choose and purchase one of the matching panels in the colour of pure white. The panels completely change the style of the bath, take only a few minutes to install and are water-resistant.

Series Formy 01

The 10-year warranty for bath Formy 01 is contingent on using original RAVAK supports (legs) in accordance with the assembly manual.

The Formy 01 bath can be aesthetically enhanced to fit the bathroom and the owner's personality. The bath is delivered without a corpus and can be supplemented with acrylic front and side panels in white colour. The front panel is mounted using a panelkit. The panel is mounted around the bath within a few minutes and the covered space remains accessible at any time.

Technical details

  • in size: 783 x 565 mm
  • variant: left/right (L/R)
  • material: MDF
  • colour design: white
  • warranty: 5 years

The 75 cm side cover panel in left- or right-handed variant is used for side skirting baths Formy 01, Formy 01 Slim, Campanula II, 10°, 10° Slim, Chrome and Chrome Slim of the same variant. The mounting system for the side panel is a part of the panel; no need to purchase an additional panelkit!

5-year Warranty on PanelsL/R Variant
Side Panel 75

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X000001697 Side Panel MDF 75 L white
X000001698 Side Panel MDF 75 R white