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Shower pillar Termo 300, with thermostatic tap and shower set

Shower pillar Termo 300, with thermostatic tap and shower set

TE 093.00/150 / TE 093.01/150
For stable water temperature. Immediately equalizes pressure and temperature fluctuations in the pipes, making sure the water is as hot as you wish. Everyone who ever tries a thermostatic tap will never want another.


Combination of Most Popular Showering Styles

Your everyday routine will be transformed into a unique experience. The turning overhead shower in the optimum width in combination with a manual shower combine practicality, style and comfort. Dual shower systems can be equipped with thermo taps, preventing water temperature fluctuations in the course of your bathing.

Dual Shower Systems

Easy to Adjust

The height of the overhead shower can be adapted even after wall installation. You can turn the overhead shower to one side as you need.

Dual Shower Systems

One-Hand Control

The manual shower runnercan be controlled with one hand, which you will mainly appreciate under complicated showering conditions. Release of the runner, its moving and locking can be done with one hand when you need the other hand for holding the manual shower and moving in a wet and slippery environment.

Dual Shower Systems

Metal Runner

The manual shower runner of the RAVAK dual shower system is made of metal, not plastic. This material guarantees many years of faultless operation.

Technical details

  • Thermal column height: flexible – adjustment range of 84-131 cm
  • Cartridge: thermostatic for water temperature control
  • Design: temperature control on the left – CoolFeel
  • Tap span: 150 mm
  • Design: square ABS head shower 25 cm; hand shower – three functions, the head shower can also be turned to the side
  • Design: chrome/white / chrome
  • Tap warranty: Five years
  • Suitable: For all RAVAK shower enclosures

The thermostatic shower tap can be combined with other RAVAK products. We recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner for cleaning external surfaces.

5-year WarrantyAirEasyClean (Shower Heads)EasyTwistRavak Cleaner ChromeConstant TemperatureFastReactionScald ProtectionCoolFeelSavings
Shower pillar Termo 300, with thermostatic tap and shower set

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070099 TE 093.00/150 Thermostatic shower column Termo 300, with tt - chrome/white
X070164 TE 093.01/150 Thermostatic shower column Termo 300, with tt - chrome