Sanitary silicone

Sanitary silicone white or transparent

Volume: 310 ml

Original RAVAK Professional sanitary silicone perfectly fixes together various materials used during the manufacture of shower enclosures and bathtubs (glass, acrylic, extruded polystyrene, aluminium, enamel etc.). Long-life fungicidal abilities, colour-stability, totally hygienically safe. Silicone is to be applied into the gap between a shower enclosure/shower tray/bathtub/bathtub screen and a wall.

It takes almost the whole 310 ml tube of silicone to fully fix and seal a shower tray.


Purchasing a bathtub is an investment for decades. Do not ruin the entire work with imperfect installation. Use products developed by professionals.

For the installation of bathtubs, reach for RAVAK Professional silicone, cover strips, and for the installation of bathtub doors, extension profiles could come in handy.

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Optional bathtub accessories cost a fraction of the price of a bathtub but their utility is worth it for many years to come.

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X01200 SILIKON white 310 ml
X01201 SILIKON colourless 310 ml

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