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Ring Washbasins

Playful Beginning of Every Day

The friendly oval inside space of the wash basin will lift your spirits after every use. The rounded edges of the Ring wash basins harmonise with the cabinet of the same brand name with which they are to be combined, as they are not suitable for separate use.

Ring Washbasins

New Shape

Ring wash basins follow the latest trend of horizontal lines along the bathroom walls leaving the inside space airy and free. The lengthwise orientation adds to washing comfort when the arms including the elbows are provided sufficient space to move.

Ring Washbasins

Perfect Harmony

The Ring wash basin is not adapted to separate mounting on the wall, but the less independent it is the more it harmonises with the cabinet of the same brand name. The rounded edges of the cabinet, identical with the wash basin edges, underline the impression of a compact whole, which does not leave a robust impression, rather to the contrary. The shapes are dynamic and simple.

Ring Washbasins

Easy Choice

The Ring wash basin will not place a great demand on your decision-making about matching accessories. Its design is perfectly combined with the cabinet into a universal whole matching any bathroom style.