We export approximately 70 percent of total production and help spread the good name of European products in more than 50 countries worldwide. You will find our equipment in the bathrooms of the more famous hotels and residential buildings (hotel President - Ukraine, hotel Royal Azur - Tunis, Tamweel Tower and MAG 21 Dubai, hotel Orange - Spain, hotel Pheonicia Grand - Romania, hotel Marriott - Poland, hotel Opera - Ukraine and many others).

Tuzemské reference RAVAK


The RAVAK brand is the largest Czech manufacturer of bathroom equipment and for this treason, it has its irreplaceable place in many Czech households. Unlike others, particularly foreign brands, we approach the equipment o domestic bathrooms with the detailed knowledge of the relationships, many years of experience and with the awareness that our relationship with the customer does not end with delivery of the goods - on the contrary, it is just the beginning.

Koupelny našich zákazníků RAVAK


Get inspiration from the bathrooms of our real customers who we helped improve their housing.