RAVAK Quality

You Can Rely on Our Products

Behind our success lies an adherence to some basic rules – like checking to ensure top quality, applying unique technologies, the craftsmanship of our skilled experts and our drive to create original designs. However, what really distinguishes us from our competitors is that every aspect of our products is focused on customers. Because our products reflect current trends, they appeal to the most demanding of you. With our wide product range and well-conceived, well-executed design work, we offer solutions for the whole bathroom, including professional advice and service. Our products are top quality and certified, which is why we provide them with an extended warranty period.


RAVAK Quality - Materials


We pay close attention to selecting the right materials, since a high-class result can only be achieved using intelligently processed top-class materials.


RAVAK Quality - Bathtubs

RAVAK bathtubs are made from acrylate. Why?

  • Acrylate can be easily shaped; this means each bathtub model offers specially designed comfort for every body shape and requirement.
  • Acrylate is thermally non-conductive, so it does not feel cold. In an acrylate bathtub, the water cools down more slowly.
  • Acrylate is lighter than other materials used for manufacturing bathtubs. Bathtub installation in your bathroom is therefore much simpler and handling is easier.
  • Acrylate is cheaper in comparison to other materials for manufacturing bathtubs. This means an acrylate bathtub offers more value for money.

We use cast acrylic (PMMA) for making bathtubs. It keeps its shape for a very long time and does not distort or crack. That is why we can provide our bathtubs with an extended 10-year warranty.

Customers can find our competitors’ products made from extruded acrylic on the market. Chemically, this is the same material (polymethyl methacrylate) as cast acrylic; however, different production methods result in fundamental differences in their functional characteristics. Extruded acrylic is made by pushing the acrylic through a form, which guarantees the material’s properties only in one direction. In some cases (to lower the price), a very thin layer of extruded acrylic is used, which then has to be reinforced by a plastic ABS plate. Although bathtubs made from this material are the cheapest, their quality is extremely low and they may eventually crack in the course of time.

The branded cast acrylic (from the company Lucite) that we use at RAVAK is poured into moulds. Acrylic sheet keeps its physical properties in all directions. Cast acrylic has much better quality than extruded acrylic and guarantees that the product keeps its shape and will not distort or crack.

RAVAK Quality - Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures
The frames of shower enclosures must stand up to the extremely challenging environment represented by hot water, steam, and rapid changes in temperature and air humidity. For this reason, we use quality aluminium alloys with additionally treated surfaces. Treatment of all shower enclosure frames or screens is performed at our own galvanising and painting plant in Příbram, Czech Republic, which helps us prevent possible surface damage that may arise during material transport.

RAVAK offers all three of the most widely used types of surface treatment applied to shower enclosure frames, i.e. anodising (satin or gloss), powder coating and chromium plating. RAVAK anodising treatment offers the absolutely best surface treatment of aluminium profiles on the market. We call the resulting finish satin. Satin shower enclosure frames have revolutionary abrasion-resistant properties. The satin finish of the frame surface is equivalent to corundum; according to Mohs hardness scale, its hardness is rated directly behind that of diamond. Shower enclosures with this treatment are the most resistant to scratches. Glossy anodised treatment fully corresponds with modern design requirements; however, it is easier to damage than satin. The most widely used surface treatment for frames is powder coating. When coating, we use epoxy-polyester paints (RAL 9003 shade); these are the best quality powder paints since they are elastic, chemically resistant, resistant to ageing and colour-stable.

The chrome finish on grips, hinges and handles is made by chromium plating on brass. Thanks to the combination of solid metal and high-quality chromium plating, we can guarantee a very long service life, demonstrated by a lifetime test to last for 30 years. For the production of shower enclosures and screen panels, we use quality 2.5 mm thick polystyrene panelling or 6 mm/8 mm thick tempered soda lime silicate safety glass, treated using our own patented RAVAK AntiCalc®technology.

Cast Marble Shower Trays and Washbasins
Most shower trays and washbasins from our product portfolio are made of cast marble, which is a composite material made by mixing ground dolomite and resin. Products made from cast marble excel in terms of high strength, precision contours of edges and perfectly flat surfaces. All our cast marble products are provided with an extended 5-year warranty.

Cast marble is a composite of ground dolomite/limestone and polyester resin. It is processed by being cast into moulds, thereby ensuring the homogeneousness of our products in every way. This means there are no areas of the product with different physical or mechanical properties. Cast marble meets the strictest hygiene standards and offers excellent thermal insulation properties. The surface of cast marble products is sealed by white Gelcoat, a glossy, flexible protective layer from polyester resins, ensuring easy cleanability and softness to the touch.

Cast marble products are non-porous, strong and resistant to bacteria and fungi; moreover, they feel warmer in comparison to other materials like ceramics, sheet metal or traditional marble. Shower trays from cast marble excel thanks to perfect stability, high load bearing capacity and strength, and ensure a reliable gradient to drain water in only 3 centimetres of thickness. Their perfectly straight edges and angles, which can only be achieved using cast marble, make installation easier and enable attachment to the wall with a minimum-sized join, thus making it suitable for wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.

RAVAK Quality - Drains

RAVAK drains are manufactured to balance the finest quality with practical benefits. Customers can select either a plastic drain with a stainless steel grate or an all-stainless steel drain. The advantage of a plastic drain with a stainless steel grate is its low construction height (75 mm), which makes it perfect for renovating bathrooms in prefabricated concrete buildings that make deep installation impossible. All-stainless steel drains are made of quality steel and ensure high water drainage (up to 60 l/minute), and have a construction height of only 10 mm. They are fitted with a perfectly cleanable sink, a double anti-odour seal with a water column height of 50 mm, and are made of top-quality materials, enabling us to provide them with a 25-year warranty.

Bathroom Furniture
RAVAK bathroom furniture is likewise an example of combining quality materials and components. The body of the furniture is made of pressed particle board, deeply impregnated by AMT (AntiMoistureTreatment), which helps furniture withstand even a wet bathroom environment. The opening mechanisms are supplied by the most prestigious European manufacturers, and are tested to 100,000 opening cycles. The furniture is designed as a part of our concept solutions, connected to particular washbasin types: so together they form an aesthetic and functional whole. All our bathroom furniture is provided with an extended 5-year warranty.

Unlike some manufacturers, RAVAK makes bathroom furniture using deeply impregnated particle boards (MFP – melamine faced particle board) that are water-protected along their complete profile, boasting the highest possible level of water resistance. Edges are glued by a special adhesive that seals material pores and – in combination with the inner impregnation of the board – makes it absolutely water resistant. The surface of these multifunctional pressed particle boards is smooth, resistant to cracking and does not require any other treatment. In addition, these boards are able to bear high loads and are very stable.

Doors and varnished cabinet bodies are made of MDF, which represents the perfect, multifunctional alternative to solid wood. Some ranges (Clear, Formy, boards under washbasins) are further treated by veneering with a solid ash or oak stain to the requested shade and then treated by three layers of polyurethane varnish, which is resistant to UV radiation and bathroom cleaning agents. Veneering brings the atmosphere of natural wood to your bathroom, but for reasonable price and without the traditional drawbacks associated with solid wood, e.g. knots, dimensional instability or changeable colours.

The wood used for making particle boards for RAVAK bathroom furniture is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. This certification ensures that wood comes from forests cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner. Such wood is of verifiable origin, sourced as part of sustainable forest management, and contributes to preserving the natural resources of our planet.

RAVAK Quality - Water Taps

Water Taps
Water taps are made of high-quality brass covered with a sufficiently thick layer of chromium, which ensures high resistance to wear and a long service life. The heart of every RAVAK tap is a high-class cartridge made using special technology from aluminium oxide. This material is very hard (it is directly behind diamond according to the Mohs hardness scale) and substitutes for diamond in many applications. Our taps are safe, certified by independent bodies, and easily match our connecting fittings. Water taps and accessories are provided with a 5-year warranty.

The quality of RAVAK water taps, in particular our ceramic cartridges with their smooth and easy operation, are tested to more than 700,000 movements. The aerator of all our water taps is made of plastic sieves that reduce the formation of lime scale to a minimum. To complement RAVAK bathroom water taps, we offer domestic-use detergents, and moreover, we guarantee that we will fix any problem in your home within three days using our specialist professional service.


RAVAK Quality - Technology


We are trend setters. We develop unique technical solutions and patented technologies.


RAVAK Quality - Surface Treatment of Shower Enclosures

Surface Treatment of Shower Enclosures
We are the only manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe that runs its own galvanising and coating plant, thereby guaranteeing absolute supervision over the surface treatment of our shower enclosures, doors and screens. Thanks to our anodising technology, we also offer a satin finish. The resistance and hardness of our satin finish is equivalent to corundum, which comes immediately behind diamond on Mohs hardness scale.

Anodising is an electrochemical process, where an equally compact oxide layer is formed on the surface of a metal that is connected as an anode in an electrolytic bath. Since the oxide layer is much stronger and chemically more resistant than the metal itself, it increases the mechanical and chemical properties of anodised products. One of the results is a smooth matt surface with silver-grey colour called satin. But we also use the anodising technique to produce another surface finish called polished aluminium, or just gloss. This technology produces shower enclosures with perfect designs, but which require more care during handling to prevent their frames from being scratched.

The most widely used treatment technology for shower enclosure frames is coating. This is performed on chemically prepared surfaces by applying powder paint in an electrostatic field and then hot-sintering. Once it had achieved compliance with demanding European standards, RAVAK decided to invest in its own technology, which now enables it to reach even more outstanding quality.

RAVAK Quality - Lifetime Promise of Trouble-Free Operation for Supernova Shower Enclosures

Lifetime Promise of Trouble-Free Operation for Supernova Shower Enclosures
Thanks to the AntiBlock technology, we can guarantee at least 10 years of trouble-free and silent operation for our Supernova doors. The AntiBlock system prevents sliding panels from jamming or blocking one another, thereby increasing the lifetime of the whole product. The principle of the anti-blocking mechanism consists in grooves for carriage movement that are protected by a virtually damage-proof plastic lining with excellent sliding properties.

RAVAK Quality - Bathtub Manufacture

Bathtub Manufacture
When manufacturing bathtubs we use advanced vertical spot heating technology in thermo vacuum presses, where we can perfectly pull the acrylic sheet into the mould. Spraying the laminate and polyurethane, precision trimming, and the drilling of holes in bathtubs is carried out at a robotic station fitted with a modern Kawasaki robot from Japan. Integration of the sprayed laminate on the shell is done manually, however, since only this way can we guarantee that every bathtub detail is properly rendered and any uneven laminate thickness is levelled out.

RAVAK Quality - Water Tap Manufacture

Water Tap Manufacture
RAVAK water taps offer what many other brands do not – certainty that the tap is of the finest quality not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Cartridges ensuring the smooth functioning of the tap are polished by diamond discs until they are perfectly smooth. To finish, we use ultrasound to insert micro-pockets of grease to ensure smooth tap operation with just one finger.

RAVAK water taps are equipped with many smart technologies to make life more comfortable. Most of these functions are included in thermo water taps, which are able to balance pipe pressure changes to prevent scalding or an icy shower; they are also able to prevent undesired temperature changes above 38°C due to a safety lock, and they mix hot and cold water in seconds after turning the tap, thereby saving water consumption.

RAVAK Quality - Glass Protection

Glass Protection
All glass from our production is treated with our patented RAVAK AntiCalc® technology. With this technology the glass surface becomes water repellent and it protects the glass against irreversible damage caused by water sediments. RAVAK is one of few manufacturers who apply this technology to the glass panels of shower enclosures and screens during production, meaning costs are already included in the product price.


RAVAK Quality - Inspection


From our experience, we know that behind every perfect result lies consistent care over every single detail. For us, therefore, thorough inspection of every production step is absolutely essential. Checks after particular production stages are followed by a detailed final inspection. That is why products from our wide production range meet the strictest standards and criteria. The final stage of product preparation is special packaging and storage, preventing even the slightest damage during dispatch to customers.