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RAVAK Professional silicone

RAVAK Professional silicone seal

Developed by specialists in bathroom equipment. It perfectly bonds various materials used in production of shower enclosures and bathtubs (glass, acrylic, extruded polystyrene, aluminium, paint, etc.) with various tiling materials.

Series Mounting Accessories

The main prerequisite for success during the installation of any shower enclosure or shower tray is its clean and precise mounting and sealing and the covering of contact surfaces. Poor installation can mean a wasted investment. Take advantage of the experience used in RAVAK professional products designed especially for these purposes.

From professionals
The development of products for the installation of shower enclosures and shower trays is the responsibility of RAVAK professionals, who are aware of all the difficulties and pitfalls this work entails.

For everybody
As RAVAK aims to help everyone who wants to perform some of the work themselves, the company has prepared installation product kits containing everything that is necessary.

We are here for you
You will always know where to turn – simply contact us.

Technical details

  • Content: 310 ml
  • Paint: White, translucent

The RAVAK Professional silicone sealant perfectly binds various materials used during production and installation of shower enclosures, shower trays and bathtubs. The Ravak silicone firmly clings to glass, acrylic (PMMA), extruded polystyrene, aluminium, paint and various tiling materials. Application of the RAVAK Professional silicone sealant represents a basic condition for water-tightness of your shower enclosure, bathtub or shower tray. One large 310 ml tube of the silicone sealant is necessary to secure and seal a shower tray.

2-year Warranty

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X01200 --- SILIKON white 310 ml
X01201 SILIKON colourless 310 ml

Optional accessories