Water Taps

R-box Vari, basic body for built-in taps


RB 072.50
An installation body that reduces the risk of damage to the Flat built-in tap to a minimum when assembling or installing badly. Installation with the base body is less difficult and faster and the result is better overall. The plastic box protects the inner part of the tap body when embedding in the wall while allowing for better handling.

Series R-box

Easy and Precise Installation of Sub-Plaster Taps

The universal installation system of R-box consists of a plastic body protecting the tap fitting built into the wall, allows for easier achievement of planarity in installation of an under-plaster tap, facilitates work of plumbers and positively affects the clean result of the installation.

Facilitated Installation
R-box will facilitate and accelerate installation of under-plaster taps for a more precise and cleaner result.

Regardless of Wall Material
R-box can be installed in gypsum board, porous concrete and other wall materials.

Compatible with all standard pipelines types (PPR, copper, plastic).

Technical details

  • Dimensions: High flexibility, in-depth installation between 83 and 108 mm
  • Suitable: for Flat series built-in taps
  • Installation: For plasterboard or classic brick walls
  • Warranty: 10 years

The R-box is a universal installation system for lever bath and built-in shower taps, which is built into the wall. The lower part of the tap integrated into the R-box Vari is made of quality brass, as is the upper part of the tap. Unlike conventional built-in taps, the installation of the R-box is much simpler, as is replacing the upper visible part, if needed. The upper visible part of the R-box (Flat products labelled 065 and 066) is only installed after completing the bathroom, so you can be sure that the tap does not get damaged prior to completing the construction, or that it does not disappear from the site completely.

10-year warranty
R-box Vari, basic body for built-in taps

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070139 RB 072.50 Basic body for concealed mixers, R-box Vari