RAVAK AntiCalc® - Protection of glass panels

An invisible shield against dirt and sediments


We want you to be satisfied not only at the time of purchase, but even after many years, therefore we are constantly working on technological innovations to prolong the life and beauty of our products.

To preserve the functional and aesthetic properties of glass panels in the bathroom, we have developed a unique protection against damage to their surface due to water sediments.

With the exception of distilled water and rainwater, water always contains salts. The deposits called limescale can be removed only with great difficulty. They create a chemical bond with the glass, which in time gets discoloured. Common chemical agents are ineffective against limescale. Permanent damage can only be prevented by the patented RAVAK AntiCalc® glass protection technology, which RAVAK applies to its shower enclosures, doors and screens during the production process.

How does RAVAK AntiCalc® work?

Glass treated by AntiCalc® - water is repelled.

Door maintained using the RAVAK AntiCalc® agent.

Effect of water on the glass without the use of the RAVAK AntiCalc® agent.

Door not maintained using the RAVAK AntiCalc® agent.

RAVAK AntiCalc® technology makes glass hydrophobic; this means that the glass surface becomes water repellent. Drops do not hold on the treated surface, they run off so limescale cannot deposit.

Smaller drops manage to stay on the surface and sediments remain. However, they do not chemically bind to the surface of the glass and can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

How long does RAVAK AntiCalc® stay functional?

The RAVAK AntiCalc® water-repellent layer is resistant to cleaning products commonly used for windows and glass panels. However, its durability also depends on the composition of the water with which it comes into contact.

Generally, the RAVAK AntiCalc® layer lasts from 3 months to 2 years. However, the glass can be protected after this time as well. For follow-up care at home, we have developed the special product RAVAK AntiCalc Conditioner that ensures optimum protection of your glass for at least another ten years.

RAVAK AntiCalc® Conditioner

A helping hand against limescale. Renew the water-repellent effects of our technology at home. Warning! Although "anticalc" has become a household name, do not trust every "anticalc" product offered to you. Only the original RAVAK AntiCalc Conditioner, developed based on a patented technology protected in most countries of the world by a trademark, will keep your glass protected for guaranteed 10 years.

How to take care of glass in the bathroom?

You can clean your new bathroom equipment and glass with any universal detergent cleaner (we recommend RAVAK Cleaner), and once every three months or so restore the RAVAK AntiCalc® technology with RAVAK AntiCalc Conditioner.

Clean the glass carefully and degrease using a detergent (RAVAK Cleaner). Completely clean and dry the glass. On the inner side, use a dry cloth to apply RAVAK AntiCalc Conditioner and buff until dry.

The glass will regain its water-repellent properties and will require only common care for the next approximately three months (depending on how hard your water is).