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Do you see it in black?

RAVAK’s design of the 10° series represents one of the milestones in our range. It has won many international awards for innovative solutions and has gradually grown into a complete bathroom concept, including faucets in two versions. The minimalist version of the 10° series design without an embossing on the top surface of the faucet now also comes in black.


Successful faucet series growing

Five new models have been added to the set of Puri faucets by the designer Kryštof Nosál. The complete series thus guarantees perfect design consistency according to high aesthetic standards in your bathrooms and toilets. Over a short period of time on the market, Puri faucets have won appreciation not only among customers but also professionally – they have been awarded the international Red Dot and iF Design Award prizes.


Everything you need in a shower

RAVAK introduces a shower column that combines the benefits of a thermostatic faucet, a head and hand shower and a shelf. Everything you need for a comfortable shower. Just add water.


10 years without worry with RAVAK installation units for concealed faucets

Water is the basic element of every bathroom. Much of the satisfaction of a finished bathroom depends on how well the water has been “tamed”. The first stop on the water’s journey from the depth of the pipes hidden inside the walls are faucets, in particular the concealed ones which are built into a wall or floor.


RAVAK introduces the new Freedom W Black bathtub

Where white is expected, only black delivers. The Freedom W bath has been incredibly popular with customers, so RAVAK is introducing it in a new variant that is black on the outside, which adds depth to your bathroom, yet does not look out of place with the rest of your furnishings.


STEP Furniture – The First Step to a Tidy Bathroom

How many things are there in your bathroom that you need to touch and use every day? There are certainly dozens of them. But where are you to put them all, especially if they don’t exactly match or combine with the design of your bathroom? The Step bathroom furniture set builds on the popularity of countertop washbasins and provides hidden storage spaces for keeping them. A bathroom featuring the Step line of furniture provides modern design, without the usual clutter.


The most reliable RAVAK shower enclosure now revamped

RAVAK presents an innovation of its best-selling Supernova shower enclosure. The most durable RAVAK shower enclosure boasts a revamped design, featuring a trendy black frame.


Thermostatic shower column – get the best out of your shower

Sometimes you feel like taking a longer relaxing shower, doing nothing, just enjoying the flow of water falling gently on your shoulders and hair. But sometimes it is necessary to take matters into your own hands, wash quickly and get going. The RAVAK thermostatic shower column with a head and hand shower is an ideal solution in such a situation.


RAVAK Guarantees Quality

As the last year of the third decade of its existence approaches, RAVAK is introducing extra-extended quality guarantees for its product portfolio. Thanks to the fact that it runs its own production processes and technologies, which have a largely local character, RAVAK has full control of the entire production process, and so customers can really rely on the quality of its production.


Comfort bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture from the Comfort series designed by Michal Roszkowski combines the unmatched qualities of a ceramic washbasin with a modern take on storage cabinets.


RAVAK introduces slim-edge bathtubs

The most popular models of RAVAK bathtubs follow a minimalist approach to design with their shape and, newly, also with a thinned edge.


Thin-walled ceramics are the pride of RAVAK washbasins

Not even bathrooms can escape the trend of slimming. Slim ceramics are just as strong and durable as the traditional version, but can be used to create delicate and fine edges and high-precision shapes, providing an interesting challenge to original design.


PURI Water Tap Now with a Red Dot

One of the recipients of this year’s most prestigious European product design prize, the Red Dot Design Award, is the Czech bathroom brand RAVAK. The Red Dot has been awarded to the Puri collection of water taps designed by Kryštof Nosál, which had already received a prize from the international jury of the iF Design Award earlier this year.


Prize for new PURI taps

The new PURI water tap collection presented at Designblok in the autumn won its first international award – the iF Design Award.


Most popular RAVAK products

A new year is always an opportunity to look back. Even in bathroom equipment, there are some products that turn out to be absolute winners among our customers. Which were these?