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RAVAK photo and visualization database

Our database provides multiple ways to view and download visualizations and photos (collectively “images”) of RAVAK products and bathrooms:

  • The Documents bar contains four key folders:
    • CZ Collections – images arranged chronologically as shown in our catalogue
    • Help for search – a document with tips on how to search for images
    • RAVAK real photos – real photos of our products and bathrooms with people
    • RAVAK visualizations – a folder tree with image files arranged by product categories and series

  • The Full-text tab under the Search bar:
    You can search for product names (File name) or their tags (each image has several tags: name, series, type and, if applicable, colour).
  • The Tags tab under the Search bar:
    Using tags only, you can search in the list of all the tags that are defined across the database.

Do not miss the Help for search tab, where you can find useful search tips.

RAVAK photo and visualization database:

Username: ravak
Password: visu2020