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Uni and Uni Slim ceramic washbasins

Harmonizing element for every interior

Circular washbasins are a classic that is best suited for placing on a table or on a cabinet under a washbasin on a table.

Keramická umyvadla Uni a Uni Slim


Classic or thin-walled version, fine, precisely defined edges work subtly and refresh the bathroom, classic design refers to the proven tradition of ceramic products and never disappoints. Choose according to your aesthetic feeling the right one for you.

Keramická umyvadla Uni a Uni Slim

The circle never gets old

Circular shape represents a source of endless inspiration and a naturally harmonizing element for every interior. In the bathroom it refines sharp shapes of other fixtures and brings a pleasant atmosphere.

Keramická umyvadla Uni a Uni Slim

On a table or on a cabinet

UNI washbasins are suited for placement on both the table and the universal SUD 260.01 cabinet under a washbasin on a table, which in addition to the area around offers a large space in a wide drawer. With its detail in the form of rounded edges and thanks to an elegant aluminium strip, it becomes an unmatched designer solitaire.