Water Taps

Floor mounted bath water tap FM 080.00

Bathtub floor-mounted Freedom tap

FM 080.00CR.RB07A
The tall silhouette creates a symphony of beauty and usefulness in the bathroom. The chance to install the tap anywhere in the floor ensures absolute freedom in individual design of the bathroom. It improves the design particularly with the Freedom O bathtub.


Design with Free-Standing Bathtub

The high and slim fittings with an arm create a symphony of beauty and utility with your solitary bathtub. The possibility to build the bathtub taps anywhere in the floor will give you absolute freedom in individual designing of your bathroom.

Floor mounted bath water taps

Two Types of Design

Each of them exactly fits a particular design of a solitary RAVAK bathtub, or any of the range of solitary bathtubs of other brands available on the market. You can choose either round shapes or a pragmatic sharper silhouette, depending on the overall style of your bathtub.

Floor mounted bath water taps


In-floor bathtub taps are supplied with a module (R-box) for fixing to the floor distribution piping, which is part of the price. Thus the whole installation will be easy, clean and perfectly functional.

Floor mounted bath water taps

Guaranteed Longevity

A ceramic cartouche and 5-year warranty goes without saying with in-floor RAVAK taps.

Technical details

  • Cartridge (diameter, material): 35 mm, ceramic
  • Connecting hoses: Flexible 695 mm, G3/8 diameter
  • Design: Supplied without an R-box – an installation module for floor piping
  • Tap guarantee: Five years
  • Suitable: For freestanding bathtubs

We recommend using RAVAK Chrome Cleaner for cleaning external surfaces.

5-year WarrantyEasyClean (Shower Heads)EasyTwistRavak Cleaner ChromeEasyClean (Aerator)SoftMoveSwitch Lock
Floor mounted bath water tap FM 080.00

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070059 FM 080.00 Floor bathtub mixer
X070427 RB 07A.50 R-box