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L Table for Washbasin

L Table for Washbasin 800/1000/1200

Table with an original shape, designed primarily for Formy washbasins. Deep impregnation protects against humidity; comes in three colour and material variants and provides large storage space.


Pleasantly enlarge the space around the basin and give the bathroom a new look.

Tables for Washbasins


The tables for basins have deep impregnation allowing them to withstand humid environments. The varnish is derived from technologies used in car coats, making it highly resistant. The two types of veneer are varnished multiple times and are entirely impermeable.

Tables for Washbasins


The tables come in two shapes. The "L" shape offers your bathroom an element which stands out in design, is mounted without traces which would disturb the look, and has a set spot for the placement of the basin. The "I" shape, on the other hand, is a universal solution which leaves room for your creativity.

Tables for Washbasins

Multiple Variants

The tables for basins come in white or two types of veneer. All variants are treated with a varnish which makes them impervious to humidity.

Technical details

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 80 x 55 x 5, 100 x 55 x 5, 120 x 55 x 5 cm
  • Material: Treated MDF board and veneer
  • Opening for washbasin: Yes
  • Table colour design: White gloss, oak, walnut
  • Brackets. Part of the package
  • Bracket colour design: White
5-year WarrantyAnti-moisture Treatment
L Table for Washbasin

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X000000833 800x550x50 Washtop L 800 oak
X000000836 Washtop L 800 dark walnut
X000000830 Washtop L 800 white
X000000834 1000x550x50 Washtop L 1000 oak
X000000837 Washtop L 1000 dark walnut
X000000831 Washtop L 1000 white
X000000835 1200x550x50 Washtop L 1200 oak
X000000838 Washtop L 1200 dark walnut
X000000832 Washtop L 1200 white


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