Cover strips including accessories for shower trays

Cover strips

The cover strips seal and cover joints created during installation of shower trays and bathtubs. They provide better cleanability of badly accessible areas at the wall and help in situations where the right angle could not be achieved during construction.


Installation products are used to perfectly seal shower trays when they are installed into an already tiled shower enclosure. We offer a mounting kit that contains RAVAK Professional sanitary silicone, self-adhesive tape and two covering strips. The mounting kit is used to flawlessly seal the shower tray when installed into a fully tiled shower area. The shower tray is thus perfectly and functionally connected to the bathroom wall without interfering with existing wall surfaces. The universal mounting kit is suitable for all shower trays designed for a corner installation. For trays installed into a niche it is necessary to purchase an additional covering strip.

Technical details

  • Type: 6, 10 and 11
  • Length: 110, 200 cm
  • Colour: White

The cover strips cover joints between the wall and the tray. They conveniently cover the joint and seal it; it is much easier to clean than an unevenly applied seal, which spoils the effect of the whole work when dirt accumulates.

Cover strips including accessories for shower trays

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
XB441100001 Cover strip 6/1100 white
XB442000001 Cover strip 6/2000 white
XB451100001 Cover strip 10/1100 white
XB452000001 Cover strip 10/2000 white
XB461100001 Cover strip 11/1100 white
XB462000001 Cover strip 11/200 white
B440000001 Set for cover strip 6 white
XB430001001 Cover strip ending piece 10 white
B460000001 Set for cover strip 11 white