Whole Bathroom Solution

Avocado Concept

Getting the maximum out of the minimum

The ingenious bathtub shape, elaborated down to the last millimetre, will provide comfortable bathing and unlimited access to the wash basin in even the smallest bathrooms.


Recommended components of the Avocado Concept

Avocado Concept

Comfortable and space saving bathtub

The Avocado concept includes a bathtub that respects all your requirements – both to save space and maximise comfort. The bathtub, inspired by the shape of the popular tropical fruit, is sufficiently wide in the shoulder area and saves space around the legs where it is less needed when you bathe.

Avocado Concept

Imaginative wash basin placement

The location of the wash basin over the bathtub leg space will not diminish your bathing space but will add a practical place to wash your hands. Access to the bathtub as well as to the wash basin remains easy and comfortable.

Avocado Concept

Naturally rounded shapes

The whole concept is unified by graceful rounded curves that naturally promote the feeling of peace and relaxation.