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Thanks to the author’s 10° concept by designer Kryštof Nosál, we sent a clear message to the international community of professional artists and designers that it is necessary to count on the RAVAK brand. As the only one from Bohemia, this bathroom concept won the most prestigious European award for innovative in its category, Red Dot 2015.


Gradual entry into the luxury segment was facilitated by the first free-standing bathtub (Freedom) in the RAVAK product range. The ingeniously simple shapes full of emotion and new freedom in deciding where you will bathe, the view preferred, these are the benefits that from the introduction of the bathtub already convinced many customers.


Milestone year, which enriched the RAVAK range with the first products from the future broadest bathroom concept on the market - Chrome. Their author, Kryštof Nosál, combined its elements with the discreet oval shape and simple modern shapes to form a friendly minimalistic solution, which suits every modern bathroom and categorically includes everything that you need in the bathroom and toilet.


RAVAK also entered the water taps segment. The first offered series were the water taps Suzan, Rosa and Neo, which currently make up the company’s fourth model series, all within a comprehensive offer according to type of installation. Made from the finest materials, with five-year warranty and assurance of service at any time available directly from the manufacturer.


Within the framework of fulfilment of the earmarked strategy of comprehensive bathroom solutions, we included a completely new segment in the product range - bathroom furniture. It differs from the rest of the market by its special depth anti-moisture treatment (AMT) and author’s design, which ideally builds on the individual successful bathtubs and washbasins by Kryštof Nosál.


From the newly established co-operation with a promising young designer Kryštof Nosál, at the time still a student of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, the significant Evolution bathtub was created that formed the revolutionary divide between the existing and new RVAK product range. The Evolution bathtub by its original shape drew the attention of the professional panel of the Design Centre Czech Republic, who one year later endowed the Excellent Product of the Year award upon it.


One of the products that is most popular among customers and most frequently copied by the competitors has a production tradition dating back to 2004. It is the folding Ovo seat initially developed for use only in shower cabins, but which is due to its popularity also currently offered in design variants adapted for use in any part of the interiors and in exteriors. The characteristic properties remain the reliable capacity, maximum resistance of stainless metal, easy assembly and practical possibility of folding against the wall. To the initially oval shape, we have also added gradually added a modern square shape so that the seat by its design satisfies every taste.


The company commenced the co-operation with the excellent Austrian company Design Storz, which is well-known in the automotive industry as well as consumer goods design. This joint development brought successful products such as the Whitewater shower enclosure, Avocado, LoveStory and Magnolia bathtubs and newly in 2009 the XXL bathtub. In 2004, RAVAK started the co-operation with leading Czech designer Kryštof Nosál, author of designer innovations, cast washbasins and the Evolution, Praktik and BeHappy bathtubs.


The year 1998 marked the beginning of the production of acrylic bathtubs. In 1999, RAVAK developed the original Rosa bathtub, which became the best-selling bathtub in Europe and won many prestigious awards at international fairs. Its huge success directed RAVAK product development towards practicality and design. In the same year hydromassage systems were introduced for most of the produced bathtubs.


The company expanded its production range with luxury shower enclosures equipped with AntiCalc glass coating. In 1996 to 1997, RAVAK began to expand abroad. First international activities developed in Slovakia, Germany, Russia and Poland, followed by Hungary, the Baltic nations and Ukraine. In the coming years RAVAK expanded its reach to other countries in Europe and Asia, namely the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Latvia, China, Romania, Kazakhstan. Currently, RAVAK has several subsidiaries abroad and exports to over 50 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.


The Czech family company RAVAK was established in 1991 by the Vařeka and Kreysa families who successfully built the largest manufacturer of bathroom equipment in the Czech Republic and actively manage the company to date. The production range initially comprised shower cabins and shower trays, initially under licence from a French manufacturer. In 1993, RAVAK invested in internal development and one year later, it presented its Supernova shower cabin range made using own patented technology, which to date the consumers to date consider as the most reliable shower cabin on the market.