Cleaning Detergents

Most common disinfecting and cleaning products contain chlorine or other aggressive substances that can seriously damage the components of your bathroom, which is why RAVAK chose to develop their own cleaning agents. Their effects are regularly reviewed and the company fully guarantees their functionality and safety. Refrain from using untested cleaning agents in your bathroom!

Our shower enclosures, shower doors and bathtub screens and doors fitted with glass panels boast unique glass surface protection called RAVAK AntiCalc®, which is applied to the glass during the production process and prevents dirt and water sediments from settling on the glass. Instead of sticking, water drops slide down the glass. The protective layer is fully resistant to all commonly used window and glass cleaners, but does require regular care and maintenance. We recommend renewing the protective layer using RAVAK AntiCalc Conditioner every two to six months depending on the frequency of use and the mineral content of your water.

Use RAVAK Cleaner to rid bathroom components and ceramic tiles of sediments and grease. For removing limescale and other sediments that damage the appearance and function of water taps and chrome-plated surfaces, we have developed new RAVAK Chrome Cleaner. RAVAK Desinfectant has strong disinfecting properties and is also used for hydro-massage systems. RAVAK TurboCleaner effectively dissolves even the toughest dirt lodged in the waste traps of bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins.

Cleaning Detergents

Effective and risk-free

The agents gently clean bathrooms, but do not endanger various materials that could otherwise be irreparably damaged by using inappropriately chosen cleaning products. The effects of our cleaning agents are regularly tested and we fully guarantee their functionality and safety.

Cleaning Detergents

From professionals

You can get professional cleaning agents from an experienced manufacturer to use on your high-quality shower enclosure or shower tray.

Cleaning Detergents

Caring for each component of a bathroom

RAVAK’s line of cleaning detergents includes a wide range of products, each with its own specific purpose. Thus, by using one product for cleaning all the components of your bathroom you will never irreparably damage some of its sensitive components.