Washing your hands can be like visiting an art gallery

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Chrome Washbasins

Predestined for Harmony

Chrome wash basins will never become boring. The swift straight lines combined with rounded inside shape of the washing area create perfect harmony. Dozens of related components of the Chrome concept in matching design add more parts to the symphony of beauty in your bathroom.

Chrome Washbasins

Material of Your Choice

Wash basins of the Chrome concept are offered in two different materials with related designs. Classical beauty lovers are offered first-class ceramics with typical high compactness and resilience made into rounded shapes and matching furniture with rounded edge effect. Modern material lovers can choose cast marble, a futuristic material excellently made into precisely worked edges and a perfectly smooth surface. Simplicity in its purest form.

Chrome Washbasins

Concept Broadness

The wash basins are part of the broad Chrome concept comprising more than fifty products in matching design for the whole bathroom and WC equipment.

Chrome Washbasins

Plentitude of Variants

Chrome wash basins will harmonise with any bathroom. The portfolio includes large double basins, two sizes of classical basins and small wash bowls for WCs.