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Chrome thermostatic built-in tap - three-way for R-box Multi

Chrome thermostatic built-in tap - three-way for R-box Multi

CR 067.00
Uncompromising quality, clear style and harmony with the Chrome concept. This tap is unique on the market, because it allows distribution of mixed water to one, two or three places simultaneously. You can use it if you want an overhead shower and a hand shower together with a bathtub outlet or hydro-massage jets in the shower enclosure.

Series Thermo

Otherwise Never More

No more mixing of hot and cold water, an end to unpleasant feelings of too cold or too hot water at the beginning of your showering or water temperature fluctuations in the course of bathing. A thermostatic faucet can compensate for pressure fluctuations and water temperature in the pipeline, thus ensuring that the water always runs as warm as it is set to, as soon as possible after turning it on.

Thermostatic Mixer Tap

Safe Even for Children

The safety button on the thermostat control prevents water hotter than 38 °C from starting unintentionally. The handling of the locking button is difficult for small children, so it eliminates the risk of scalding.

Thermostatic Mixer Tap

Water and Energy Saving

The required temperature is set automatically and with minimum delay. Thus the thermostat limits the quantity of water wasted by waiting for the required temperature.

Thermostatic Mixer Tap

Prevention of Unwanted Change of Water Temperature

The thermostatic taps are controlled not by a lever but by special control heads secured against unwanted movement. So unintentional hitting of the lever in the course of showering and making the water too hot or too cold without knowing cannot happen any more. Change of any temperature above 38°C is simple and can be done any time by pressing the blocking button.

Technical details

  • Cartridge: thermostatic for water temperature control
  • tap guarantee: 5 years
  • suitable: for Chrome bathtubs, but also other RAVAK bathtubs and shower enclosures. The bathtub has to be fitted with a CR 027.00 spout or a filling overflow drain including an outlet and a wall-mounted shower outlet or potentially an overhead shower. The shower enclosure needs to be fitted with a fixed shower head, a hand shower, a wall outlet for hand shower and potentially rinse jets.

To achieve a compact design of the bathroom, we recommend combining the Chrome tap with the other Chrome products and RAVAK accessories. We recommend RAVAK Cleaner Chrome for external cleaning. The concealed body for wall-mounted taps R-box Multi RB 071.50 is not supplied with the tap, it needs to be ordered separately. The R-box Multi includes material for wall mounting, without connections for water supply or other water fittings. The R-box Multi contains a working plastic cover of the tap's inner body housed in the R-box Multi, which keeps water supply system in the bathroom fully functional even when the top part of the tap is removed. This plastic part allows bleeding of the water system without turning off the water supply. The top part of the R-box Multi is marked with an arrow for correct orientation of the tap.

5-year WarrantyRavak Cleaner ChromeConstant TemperatureFastReactionScald ProtectionSavings
Chrome thermostatic built-in tap - three-way for R-box Multi

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X070075 CR 067.00 Thermostatic mixer for R-box multi
X070074 RB 071.50 R-Box Multi