Whole Bathroom Solution

Chrome Concept

The broadest harmonised design concept on the market

Let yourself be inspired by the Chrome concept and your bathroom will surprise you with the benefits of its synergy and style. The Chrome concept is harmonised down to the smallest detail of nearly 250 components. The unifying aesthetic element is represented by the oval shape that connects all the elements into a timeless and flexible set including bathtubs, screens, shower cabins of various design, shower basins, drains, wash basins, bathroom furniture, numerous mixing taps and bathroom accessories.


Recommended components of the Chrome Concept

Chrome Concept

A solution for every bathroom

Thanks to the quantity of different products and their sophisticated harmony, the Chrome concept can populate bathrooms of any size. And more than that! The Chrome concept also includes toilet products, all in a modern, timeless design.

Chrome Concept

Ceramics and composite

Are the classic benefits of ceramics your preference, or are you more pleased by the precise design of a composite cast material? Choose what is closer to your taste and be sure that the Chrome concept will have a solution for any requirement. Both ceramic and cast wash basins can be combined with bathroom furniture in the same style that supports the underlying idea of every model.

Chrome Concept

Universal design

The shapes of the Chrome concept products are simple but beautiful and will never cease to please you. Their subtle style will always allow for harmonisation with other equipment.