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Furniture, Washbasins and WC

Ceramic washbasins Ceramic

Table top washbasins made of high-quality ceramics in modern yet timeless design. Their delicate shapes stand in pleasing contrast to the robustness of the durable natural material.

Ceramic Washbasins Ceramic

Different Designs, Equal Quality

The rounded shapes of the Ceramic O washbasin pleasantly balance out the austerity of right angles in the bathroom, and their gentle lines soothe the eye. The Ceramic R washbasin follows the trend of modern straight lines, yet moderates their sharpness, soothes and rounds them.

Ceramic Washbasins Ceramic

Authorial Design

The designer Kryštof Nosál developed the shape of table top ceramic washbasins to blend in with the majority of modern bathrooms yet remain unmistakeable. Both are designed with the use of the designer's vast experience to provide a comfortable space for washing while also having sufficient depth. Ceramic washbasins thus ideally combine both aesthetic and practical requirements.

Ceramic Washbasins Ceramic

With Table

For maximum comfort when furnishing your bathroom, we offer Ceramic washbasins along with tables (walnut veneer, oak veneer, or white varnish) in widths 80/100/120 cm. Thanks to deep impregnation, the tables are completely resistant to water, providing a fully fledged storage space around the washbasin unaffected by splashing water.