Blix Slim BLSRV2K+BLSRV2K shower enclosure

Four-part sliding corner shower enclosure with corner entry

Create a great shower enclosure corresponding to your needs. It is created by combination of various dimensions of the BLRV2K product. Choose a square or rectangle as you desire. In a gloss or black frame.

For the completion of the shower enclosure, at least 2 items of the product must be ordered!

Series Blix Slim

Slim frame

The Blix Slim shower enclosure will delight anyone looking for a good combination of proven quality and modern appearance. Its technology is based on years of improving solution that leaves no room for imperfection. Design of Blix Slim has adapted to modern bathroom, has a subtle looking frame, does not burden the bathroom optically and supports the airy impression of the whole space.

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Slim frame

The fine proportions of the frame give the shower enclosure a juvenile appearance and do not burden the bathroom optically.

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Easy cleaning

By gently pressing the release mechanism in the bottom part of the sliding door, the door wing can be tilted back or removed completely. Thus, there are no inaccessible places that are hard to clean. Maintenance of the shower enclosure is further simplified by the all-purpose and gentle RAVAK Cleaner, designed for all bathroom surfaces.

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Tried and Tested Solution

The door sliding system saves space in the bathroom, the door pieces do not cross or jam and their tipping system ensures that every spot is accessible.

Technical details

  • Dimensions: 80, 90, 100, 120 cm
  • Colour: Frame – Alubright gloss, black
  • Safety glass panelling: 6 mm; Transparent
  • Height: 195 cm
  • Warranty: 5 years

It is installed in a tiled corner of the bathroom on the RAVAK ANGELA, PERSEUS, PERSEUS PRO, PERSEUS PRO FLAT, PERSEUS PRO CHROME, GIGANT PRO, GIGANT PRO FLAT and GIGANT PRO CHROME shower trays or directly on the floor with a built-in drain channel or floor drain. The shower enclosure consists of two units, which need to be purchased separately.

5-year Warranty6 mm Glass ThicknessAntiCalc Glass ProtectionTilting Glass
Blix Slim BLSRV2K+BLSRV2K shower enclosure

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X1XM40C00Z1 786-800 BLSRV2K-80 bright alu+Transparent
X1XM70C00Z1 886-900 BLSRV2K-90 bright alu+Transparent
X1XMA0C00Z1 986-1000 BLSRV2K-100 bright alu+Transparent
X1XMG0C00Z1 1186-1200 BLSRV2K-120 bright alu+Transparent
X1XM40300Z1 786-800 BLSRV2K-80 black+Transparent
X1XM70300Z1 886-900 BLSRV2K-90 black+Transparent
X1XMA0300Z1 986-1000 BLSRV2K-100 black+Transparent
X1XMG0300Z1 1186-1200 BLSRV2K-120 black+Transparent