Bathrooms with bathtubs

A bathroom reconstruction is usually a long-term or life decision. Therefore when choosing a bathroom, it is important to take into account not only the size, practicality and value of the bathtub, but also its quality and design. When furnishing a smaller bathroom you may be inspired by RAVAK Concepts, which have a bathtub and washbasin and some of them also bathtub screens and furniture. All the components have matching design.

The best concepts for small bathrooms are Rosa, BeHappy, Avocado and Classic. The Rosa Concept suits well a small bathroom even though it doesn’t seem so when you look at the size of the bathtub. The BeHappy Concept offers the most space efficient solution in a small bathroom. With the Avocado Concept even the smallest bathroom doesn't feel tight. The Classic Concept brings timeless design. You will see how to optimally resolve small space in the bathroom so that you can fit a bathtub as well as everything you need, such as a washing machine.