Furniture, Washbasins and WC

Evolution Bathroom Furniture

Exceptional and Harmonious

Unique on the market but a practical design. That is the Evolution cabinet and washbasin Evolution with typical harmoniously fluent lining passing from the wash basin to the cabinet in a a single uninterrupted line. Its style refers to the bathtub awarded by the Design Centre of the Czech Republic as an Excellent Product, with which it forms an exceptional concept for the whole bathroom.

Evolution Bathroom Furniture

Solitary or Conceptual

The Evolution concept represents an ideal combination of several opposing principles. All products of this concept are self-contained solitary objects which, if placed together, play a symphony of beauty and usefulness.

Evolution Bathroom Furniture

Perfect Equipment

The self-closing drawers of the Evolution bathroom chests with the "push/pull" opening system can be fully pulled out and can accommodate both cosmetics and all necessary accessories. The rounded lining lends elegance to the whole.

Evolution Bathroom Furniture

Authorial Design

The unique style of the Evolution concept products has been created by the Nosal Studio known for their innovative design of products for everyday use. The cabinet shape is underlined by white gloss.