Water Taps

Accessories for water taps

Showering is not only an everyday routine but also the most accessible way of relaxing at home. You can equip your shower cabin with a wide range of accessories to meet all your desires. You have a water outlet and a tap? But that is not all. Shower heads can be differently shaped, the shower hoses can be made of different materials in different lengths and you can use a shower holder in order not to be disturbed in your daydreaming by having to hold the shower. Those who do not like losing time by selecting each individual component can make use of our complex shower sets which will include everything you may need.

Logical Harmony
The portfolio of RAVAK shower accessories is made and continuously extended to react to all current trends and new product developments and always make a logical whole after their addition.

Material Quality
As a manufacturer of bathroom equipment we know exactly the stress to which bathroom materials are exposed. That is why we comply with the highest quality standards for our products to last.

Harmonised Design
You have invested in a shower cabin you really like and will probably enjoy for many years. Do not destroy the appearance of the whole with details spoiling the impression. Even our bathroom accessories are harmonised down to the smallest component to match the design of our collections.