Accessories for bathtubs and bathtub screens

Equip you bathtub as you wish with harmonised accessories, which will make it a place for everyday relaxation and well-being. Accessories include handles, headrests and drain sets. By using them you will receive a 10-year warranty on your bathtub.

We offer white, grey and stainless steel handles with selected bathtubs. RAVAK headrests are made from coated polyurethane and each one has been specially designed for a specific bathtub, so they are not interchangeable. They also come in white and grey. Professional RAVAK silicon is available for the installation of bathtub screens.

Matched with specific bathtubs
We offer you a perfectly fitted headrest or handle for your chosen bathtub to create a perfectly functional whole.

Always available
You can buy accessories for bathtubs at any time, and thanks to the stability of the RAVAK brand on the market, you do not have to worry that after a few years your bathtub will be without service or other subsequent care.

Well-designed line of products
You can find everything for your bathtub at a single location.