Classic II bathroom concept

A classic in the best sense of the word

One of RAVAK’s most popular design-coordinated concepts has undergone a facelift and offers everything for a timeless and comfortable bathroom and toilet. The original author, the designer Kryštof Nosál, has simplified some of the lines and added a minimalist twist, believing that there is beauty in simplicity.

Classic II bathroom concept

To enable bathing and showering in bathrooms of almost any size, the Classic offers five different bathtub sizes. From the unique 120-cm bathtub, which is an exceptional compromise for showering and bathing in a small space, through other sizes of 140, 150 and 160 to the classic 170 cm. Thanks to their subtle edges and the pronounced slopes of the inner walls, the Classic bathtubs use their space very efficiently and offer comfortable bathing and showering using the available bathtub screens.

The Classic concept also includes a large number of practical components. In addition to washbasins of the usual sizes made of cast marble, there is also double washbasin and a comprehensive range of design-coordinated faucets. Vanity units under washbasins and tall “column” cabinets have a well-thought-out internal structure which allows you to store as many useful things as possible. The cabinets are, of course, made from deep-impregnated material intended for bathroom furniture exposed to high humidity.

The Classic concept, however, also applies beyond the bathroom itself. RAVAK also offers modern toilet furnishings in the same design – toilets with RimOff technology, space-saving washbasins and cabinets for small rooms.