Nexty shower enclosure

One step closer to perfection

RAVAK presents a solution that will last for generations. The new Nexty shower enclosures feature a modern minimalist form to fit most bathrooms and guarantee an ingeniously simple way of opening the door.

Nexty shower enclosure

Nexty shower enclosure - detailThe brilliantly simple way of opening the door, which leaves no room for complications, relies on a high-alloy steel pivot set in a high-quality bracket. The door opens smoothly, eliminating the risk of snagging and potential warping of a sliding system. The pivot also completes the design of the shower enclosure, which is intentionally minimalist, building on the harmony of clean safety glass surfaces and subtle metal sections. The frame colours respond to a wide range of customer requirements – ranging from all-white to glossy and matt metal to trendy matt black frame designs.

The Nexty shower enclosure floor plans accommodate both bathrooms that seek to use every inch of the space and appreciate the roundness of a quarter-circle and bathrooms that allow for the use or creation of a niche that is simply separated with a shower door. A corner shower enclosure can also be created from the shower door and a fixed glass wall.