Successful faucet series growing

Five new models have been added to the set of Puri faucets by the designer Kryštof Nosál. The complete series thus guarantees perfect design consistency according to high aesthetic standards in your bathrooms and toilets. Over a short period of time on the market, Puri faucets have won appreciation not only among customers but also professionally – they have been awarded the international Red Dot and iF Design Award prizes.

Úspěšná série baterií se rozrůstá
The defining element of this new extended range of faucets is the profile of a cylinder. “I am inspired by a style free of everything that is irrelevant. The connection of the cylinders that make up the faucet’s body is very simple in order to emphasise the purity of the individual elements and create a minimalist whole,” explains the designer.

The comprehensive set now includes two washbasin faucets in two heights, including one with a swivel arm, a concealed washbasin faucet, two shower faucets and a bath faucet for filling directly from the bath edge. The classic Puri bath faucet boasts an exceptional technical design. It has a special rotating cartridge inside it with a bath/shower switch, thanks to which the manufacturer was able to remove the visually disturbing switch from its usual location on the body of the faucet. The whole faucet is thus controlled by moving the lever to the right or left, as regards both temperature and use – right (shower) and left (bath). The range is complemented by bidet faucets.

As with all our faucets, we also offer a five-year guarantee for the Puri series.