Everything you need in a shower

RAVAK introduces a shower column that combines the benefits of a thermostatic faucet, a head and hand shower and a shelf. Everything you need for a comfortable shower. Just add water.

Everything you need in a showerGuards your water temperature
The thermostatic faucet in the column will reliably ensure a constant water temperature for the entire duration of your shower and is particularly useful for families with small children who are at risk of scalding. Faucets of this type are now considered the standard for any modern bathroom; they can immediately mix hot and cold water to ensure that you get the temperature you wanted from the start.

Makes all your wishes come true
The combination of a head and hand shower meets all your needs, whether you want to relax, wash your hair, have a quick shower or bathe your children.

Takes care of your stuff
To top it off, there is also a new shelf in chrome/black or chrome/white. The shelf is great for storing your shampoos at a practical height so you don’t have to bend down to get cosmetics from the shower tray.

Easy to handle
There are two controls to set the temperature and switch the water flow from the head to the hand shower. The RAVAK shower column lets you turn the water on and off with just a single button.

Flexible even after installation
RAVAK shower columns are among the few products on the market that allow the height to be adjusted even when mounted on the wall. You do not need to make a final decision when installing your shower enclosure, and can change the height any time you take a shower. The shower head can be positioned optimally for a tall person, a smaller person or a child. The height can be adjusted between 91 and 120 cm from the faucet. With RAVAK shower columns, the shower head can also turn sideways.
Would you like to take a quick shower using a hand shower and avoid struggling with equipment that is hard to manipulate? Choose the RAVAK shower column, with a slider which can be operated with one hand, unlike in many competing products. You do not need to use both hands to adjust the height of the hand shower or uncomfortably loosen and tighten the wet slider. Just press a button and position the hand shower at the desired height. Adjust the position to your height, and the hand shower will be most helpful when showering your body from the shoulders down.
In the heart of the shower system with the RAVAK thermostatic faucet and shelf is a high-quality thermostatic cartridge and ceramic switch; the whole faucet is covered by RAVAK’s extended five-year warranty.