Balance Bathroom Furniture

A ceramic washbasin and modern furniture – the two main components of the success of any bathroom.

Balance Bathroom Furniture
This was the thinking of the designer of the new RAVAK bathroom furniture range. The designer Michal Roszkowski approached the Balance range with a vision of an equilibrium, a harmony of rounded shapes and variability within the model line. The concept lets anyone design their own bathroom furniture set to match their individual needs in terms of the number of storage spaces and free surfaces, and to choose either a recessed or countertop washbasin.

"The work of a designer is usually a search for balance between geometry and organic shapes, visual neutrality and extravagance or other opposites. One response to these questions is the final form of the Balance furniture collection. A pleasant softness yet with no overly organic lines, roundness and geometry in balance. The design of Balance furniture also expresses my main approach to product design – interaction. I like it when shapes react to each other; I like to create products that communicate with each other within a range,” explains the author of the Balance furniture range, Michal Roszkowski.

Koupelnový nábytek BalanceKoupelnový nábytek BalanceThe Balance range consists of two main product lines. The first is cabinet with a recessed ceramic washbasin in the three most popular widths (50, 60 and 80 cm), which offers a large storage space, easily accessible through fully extensible soft-close drawers. The finely-shaped form of the recessed ceramic washbasin ensures maximum ease of use and cleaning.

The second group of Balance products are cabinets designed for countertop washbasins. The combination of a table (60, 80 or 120 cm), a cabinet and a ceramic washbasin with another optional cabinet under the table can result in a wide range of solutions. The main benefit is the ability to store things invisibly in drawers while providing a free surface around the washbasin, plus the option of installing a metal towel holder. You can pick any ceramic countertop washbasin that matches your taste (e.g. Uni or Uni Slim). The set is completed with a slim 170 cm cabinet with a hinged door and six shelves.

All the bathroom cabinets from the Balance series are treated with in-depth impregnation to achieve perfect water resistance and a white lacquered finish which can be completed with graphite-coloured details on the base plate of the door.