Universal cabinet under table top washbasins

A design solitaire with generous shelf space. A washbasin placed on a table is the absolute trend of contemporary bathrooms. There is plenty of space available around it, as well as the ability to place the water tap according to your individual requirements. But where do you store a growing number of things in the bathroom? In the cabinet. The new all-purpose SUD cabinet designed for mounting under table top washbasins has a large, soft-close drawer and it is also highly waterproof even where it imitates walnut, oak or satin wood, in addition to the white lacquered version. Its external water resistance is complete due to a body made of deep-impregnated material, which is additionally coated with an impermeable foil on the surface. The cabinet design catches your eye at a first glance with its unusual rounded corners, not only in its front part, but also in the wall part, and with the elegant aluminium handle.