New theme for your bathroom - use black accents

Where white colour is expected, black will catch your eye. The new shower enclosures, the screen and seats in black design add depth and attractiveness to the bathroom, as black is the queen of elegance, the basis of not only a wardrobe, but also of any modern interior. Decently used black accents on the bathroom equipment are therefore timeless and easily combinable. RAVAK now offers Walk-In shower enclosures (types of Wall, Corner, Free) with black side profiles, bars and supports to enhance elegantly the pure beauty of large areas of massive safety glass. In the Pivot shower enclosures, the black is projected on a subtle metal frame, handles and the hinge which houses the virtually indestructible rotating stainless steel pin. It provides the shower enclosure a guarantee of seamless opening. The OVO P or OVO B line folding seats with black metal frames combining with clear, milky white or orange seats are also made to be in harmony with the shower enclosure.