Simplicity is the key to elegance

This quote by the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel precisely captures the main idea behind the latest RAVAK faucet range, Eleganta. It is characterised by balance: the gentle curve of the arm meets the robustness of the faucet’s body, while the fluidity of water is tempered by the stability of metal. The resulting harmony is called Eleganta.

Simplicity is the key to elegance, RAVAK

Just like the Espirit collection, the Eleganta comes in five colours, namely Black Matt, Graphite Brushed, White Velvet, Rose Gold Brushed and Chrome. In addition to matte black, there is now a brushed graphite grey finish, rose gold, the popular gloss chrome and a brand new matte white finish.

Matte white is the emblematic colour of contemporary bathroom trends. The velvety surface is pleasant to the touch and represents a journey in bathroom design that doesn’t end at the first corner. The matte finish is subtly elegant, does not draw attention to itself and, in combination with the white sanitary ware, creates a uniform, timeless whole. The matte white surface of the faucets also has practical advantages, as it hides the white residue of dried water droplets.

The range includes the standard models of washbasin, bathtub and shower faucets, including concealed versions. Selected washbasin faucets in three different heights utilise the innovative BeCool system, which reduces hot water consumption. When the faucet lever is lifted, cold water flows out at first; hot water will be mixed in only if the lever is turned to the left. In most cases, cold water is entirely sufficient for a short rinse, making this an easy way to reduce hot water consumption and the energy needed to heat it. Another technical detail that helps the faucets to save water naturally is the integrated EcoFlow aerator, which adds air to the water stream, offering a comfortable hand-washing experience at a flow rate of only 5 litres per minute.

Simplicity is the key to elegance, RAVAK

The design of the Eleganta series was created with traditional Italian manufacturing in order to maintain and develop original European production.

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