One-touch shower

Shower columns are one of the most popular choices for shower enclosures. The latest RAVAK models with a thermostatic faucet and integrated shelf combine all the features that make shower columns so convenient and add the simplest controls imaginable.

One-touch shower, RAVAK

Thermostatic faucets for a constant water temperature

The Termo TE 094 shower column features a thermostatic faucet which can immediately mix the water to ensure it’s warm as soon as it starts and the temperature does not fluctuate. You can fix the optimal temperature of 38 degrees on one of the two control buttons and then just relax in the water droplets.

Two showering options

For a quick shower, there’s a hand shower with a sliding holder, which is useful for members of the household with different heights. To wash your hair or relax under the water jets, there is a height- and side-adjustable head shower. To switch between the two, just rotate the ring on the second button.

Conveniently placed shelf

Everyone hates bending down to pick up cosmetic products from the shower tray, which is why you need storage space that is reachable from a standing position. The TE 094 shower column addresses this issue with a shelf built into the design of the entire product which can hold several bottles of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners at once. The shelf is available in white or black to match the furnishings of your bathroom.

Brilliantly simple controls

For the perfect impression and user satisfaction, there is a second button which turns the water stream on and off with a single touch. This means that you only need two buttons to control all the functions of the shower column. One to set the water temperature and one to turn on and off and to switch from the head to hand shower.
Simplicity is beauty, and the new RAVAK shower column was designed to combine several smart functions in an intuitive control system that enhances your showering enjoyment.