RAVAK has new creative directors

The artistic leadership of the largest Czech manufacturer of bathroom equipment is being assumed by the designers Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák. This year's outright winners of the Czech Grand Design Awards will be responsible for developing creative strategies, revamping the visual identity of the brand and developing new products.

RAVAK má nové kreativní ředitelePatrik Kreysa, Vice-Chairman of the RAVAK Board of Directors, adds: “We have spent a long time looking for someone who could give us a qualified outside perspective, who could assert their vision and understand our culture. When we initially worked together on product development, we found that Roman and Vladimír can bring us inspiring impulses that move us forward.“

Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák, experienced product designers, are working with Ravak for the second year and presented their first results at last year's Designblok show, specifically the set of Yard ceramic washbasins. “At the beginning, the task was to prepare a collection of washbasins intended primarily for the professional public, architects and interior designers. RAVAK was looking for a new perspective on its products. That's how Yard was born and we are already working on other parts of this collection,” the designers add.

Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák are friends who founded the Prague studio Vrtiška & Žák 12 years ago. The two share a commitment to hard work, a desire to overcome challenges and a sense of seeing potential where others may not. Their work covers many areas – from product design to interiors and architecture, from craftsmanship to an industrial scale. Creativity and ingenuity are essential values for the development of their work.

The bathroom manufacturer RAVAK has been operating on the Czech market for more than thirty years; the company has several subsidiaries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, and exports its products to fifty countries around the world. The company has worked with foreign and Czech designers from the very beginning. Kryštof Nosál has been the main creator of the brand for more than fifteen years and his products have won many international awards in the Good Design, Red Dot and iF Design Award competitions.

With the aim of supporting and promoting Czech design at home and abroad, in 2021 RAVAK became one of the first members of the newly established Association of Czech Industrial Design.