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10° Washbasins

Approaching Design

The best things are the simplest. Turning by a mere 10° is enough for maximum washing comfort. The overall appearance and practicality are also supported by the bathroom cabinet slanted at the same angle.

10° Washbasins

Higher Comfort

If you turn a corner wash basin by 10° towards the open space you will not have to squeeze your body to the confined space by the wall but will be allowed free movement while washing.

10° Washbasins

Best Materials

10° wash basins are made of cast marble allowing for precise processing of perfectly smooth surfaces and clean edges. The material of bathroom cabinets is deep impregnated (AMT) according to our in-house formula to stand the test of maximum environment stress produced by the bathroom.

10° Washbasins

Complete Series

10° wash basins with cabinets include a corner variant as well as straight models fitting into any space shape. The wash basin always forms an aesthetic and functional whole with the bathroom cabinets in two corpus colour variants (glossy white and dark walnut).