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10° corner mirror

10° Corner Mirror

Mirror rotated by 10° towards the bathroom space to provide the user greater comfort during use. Designed for installation into a corner, where it forms a practical whole with corner washbasin from the same 10° series. Ideal for matching with other products from the 10° concept.

Series 10°

Approaching Design

The best things are the simplest. The suspended bathroom cabinets of the 10° concept make a practical and aesthetic symbiosis with 10° wash basins, which may be placed either straight or turned 10° towards the bathroom centre. This simplifies corner installation by providing sufficient arm space for free movement. A typical element is a decorative strip used for door opening.

Bathroom furniture 10°

Innovative Design

The unusual shape of these bathroom cabinets of the 10° series exactly corresponds to the wash basins playing with the designed 10° angle. The original manner of the cabinet door opening reflects the simple and modern style of the whole 10° collection. The bathroom cabinets in the 10° concept are available in two colours, white gloss and dark walnut.

Bathroom furniture 10°

Comfortably Spacious

Bathroom cabinets of the 10° concept offer elegantly hidden but still voluminous space for all the things you may need in the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture 10°

Part of Concept

The bathroom concept 10° includes harmonised equipment design for any bathroom that wants to be stylish and practical.

Technical details

  • dimensions: 55/65 x 15 x 75 cm
  • material: impregnated MFPB board
  • type design: left-sided and right-sided (L/R)
  • cabinet body colour design: dark walnut, white (gloss)
  • warranty: 5 years

For a unified solution and design harmony of your bathroom, we recommend combining the 10° corner mirror with other products from the 10° concept (10° corner washbasin, 10° corner basin cabinet, 10° taps and other 10° bathroom extras).

5-year WarrantyConceptsAnti-moisture Treatment
10° corner mirror

Price list

Order number Dimensions Description
X000001070 550 x 150 x 750 Mirror 10° 550 L white
X000001072 Mirror 10° 550 L dark walnut
X000001073 Mirror 10° 550 R white
X000001075 Mirror 10° 550 R dark walnut
X000001076 650 x 150 x 750 Mirror 10° 650 L white
X000001078 Mirror 10° 650 L dark walnut
X000001079 Mirror 10° 650 R white
X000001081 Mirror 10° 650 R dark walnut